Tees Valley Business Compass

Going for growth in the Tees Valley

The Tees Valley Business Compass is a growth scheme for  businesses to apply for funding to help grow their business. Usually businesses will take on special projects, expand their property or hire new members of staff – all resulting in them growing. We were asked to bring the results to life.

As the Tees Valley has a large spread of locations, it was important to show different sectors and different outcomes that had been funded as well as aiming not to cluster the film around one geographic patch.Business Compass 1

We shot a series of two-camera interviews for this project to keep things visually fresh. We then captured slow motion, moving camera and drone footage to show the scope of the growth and expansion that these businesses had undergone. Understanding different businesses, their aims and how they’d decided on their growth strategy was fascinating. Hearing from Subsea, Francis Brown, Merlin Flex & AD Networks really gave us a new insight into how varied a place the Tees Valley business community is.Business compass 2

Taking five strong business stories and cutting them down is always a challenge. It was important to give the film some life and showcase the Tees Valley’s strengths & ambitions that lie in the business community. We did this by weaving the success stories together so that they flowed in way that would showcase the funding programme, their needs and their individual and collective successes.Business Compass 3

We delivered two versions of this film, one trailer which was launched at the Tees Valley Business Summit and then the full film followed in the summer. After launching it’s online campaign the main film was viewed over 100,000 times across Youtube, Facebook & Twitter, leading to a significant rise in the number of applications for funding to the Tees Valley Business Compass.


For more information about the funding services visit: teesbusinesscompass.co.uk

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