There's no defeating this...

OK, straight off the bat – this is one of the coolest briefs we’ve ever received. It went something like this; “We need to show the level of punishment our gates and fences can withstand, we’ll be using chisels, drills, saws, crowbars, axes & cutters.” We were excited about what we’d be able to achieve with this film!

Our vision for this ExMesh film was all around staging the test that these security options are put through, but putting an emphasis on drama. As a deterrent these fences and gates are due to keep someone at bay for over twenty minutes, there’s no easy way of getting through them (especially without being noticed) so we wanted to show how resilient they are versus someones endeavour.

ExMesh Attack - Ithica Films shoot

We had the products Product Manager George Hutchinson testing it for us, the odds were stacked against him and we wanted to see him beaten. We went for a gritty, dark approach, using the insane angles the ExMesh product has and bringing in macro shots, slow motion moves and ramping our shutter speed to really capture the effort going in to trying to get through these fences.

ExMesh - Ithica Films Shoot 2


ithica-32We got back to Ithica HQ with a tonne of footage and not a great deal of time to get this project over the line. The two key components to drive the film would be the structure of the test and the resilience it shows at each stage. As the cut started to take shape the sound came to the fore, first through the soundtrack, which was dark, and then through the sound design foley we’d captured. Hearing that in the mix for the first time was insane, the reverberation of the metal, still intact after taking a beating. The grade called for a gritty, dramatic detail which once applied, totally fit.

ithica-33We sent it to the guys at ExMesh, knowing they’d love it but wondering if we’d pushed it too far. They were gobsmacked by the quality, approach and realisation of the final film. Despite being three minutes in length, the film really grabbed attention – even for us on the twentieth & thirtieth viewing. We’re really proud of this film, a true team effort and one realised on the strengths of each individual within it. Superb effort.

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