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Connecting detail & craft

ERW Joinery is a timber crafting company creating bespoke windows and doors since 1979 and has forged a reputation as a quality and trusted company across the North East. They wanted to work with us to create a film for their rebranded website; showcasing their products and craft.


ERW Craft Film. Still 04

We spoke to the team in advance to find out what they love about their work so we could capture their passion during filming. This gave us an idea of what to include in the script and how the narrative of the film would develop. We looked at potential soundtracks to give the film a rhythm and an earthy, craft-like feel.



ERW Craft Film. Still 02

Whilst shooting, it was important for us to capture the art and technique behind the creation of timber products. The team have a wealth of expertise to be able to craft these items for peoples homes.  We shot the process of building the frames and doors from the first piece of wood through to spraying and dipping, these steps were aesthetically pleasing and a vital part of the production. the dust from the wood also added another dimension to the shots; it’s extremely cinematic when viewed through our soft focus slow motion. It was important to us to avoid making this a simple step by step construction film, but one that captures the passion and craft of the team and the journey of the products.



ERW Craft Film. Still 03

The pace of the cut allows the audience to gather all the detail and let the process of developing wood products sink in, piecing everything together without any rush. The close up shots allow them to focus on the craft and art the team at ERW have mastered. We also wanted to bring out the passion the team at ERW have for their job, and the immaculate detail they go into to provide high quality products. The music is rhythmic and bring the shots to life, and the voiceover is calm and clear.


ERW Craft Film still 01

The film now sits on the new ERW company website as an invitation to go behind the scenes in their workshop. It’s great to give people the insight into ERW’s work through this film and seeing shorter form content supporting it on social media.

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