Cundall Manor

Capturing the journey

Cundall Manor is a picturesque school based in North Yorkshire that was looking to tell the story of the journey of it’s pupils from Nursery to Upper School.

This meant focusing on the early years, following pupils through from Nursery into Pre-Prep, into the Main School and finally into the Upper School. Along this journey, the activities and lifestyle they enjoy through their development at Cundall Manor was important to capture. The idea that this is just the beginning of these young people’s lives – and it all happened at Cundall Manor.


Cundall Manor Drone View

Film Architecture for this project was very important, it helped to define the mood, the feel and tone of the film before picking up cameras. We decided that using the grounds and buildings as a backdrop to the pupils would help to bring the story we needed to tell to the forefront. This allowed us to focus on the pupils journey rather than an overview of the facilities. We found that there was so much for these young people to do such as outdoor play, music, swimming, football, rugby and cricket, drama, study, and those who undertook the boarding life. We needed to reflect the picture of these confident, articulate, capable young people.

Cundall Manor Girl Throwing
The shoot was a fascinating experience – with different skills needed to film around the younger children than that needed for the more mature students. The mixture of filming techniques really helped to show the scale of the school (particularly it’s enormous grounds) while focussing on the detail of the day to day and year by year life of the students attending.

Cundall Manor Teaching
Taking our Film Architecture and raw footage it was time to give the film, which is telling the journey of a number of years, the space to breath in a short time. This led to a laidback approach for music and pace, trying to let shots linger where possible while keeping the narrative moving.

Cundall Manor Close up
Cundall Manor loved the airiness of the film and the way we’d pulled together so many aspects of the school life together. It was a great feeling to see the film come together and sit on the Cundall Manor website and social channels. Having that trust placed in us to bring this place to life was important, so to trusted to deliver a collaborative vision for the film was definitely the biggest thing to take away from this project.

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