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Cleveland Police have been working on a programme called Everyone Matters, they needed to communicate this to an internal and an external audience. As it was a complex programme dealing with how staff were to be supported along with the expectations of the community they serve we needed to be careful translating the message to screen. Explorations of whether this should have been an animation were put aside when we came up with a concept that linked people and place, and to be a reflection of the community on the Police.



Everyone Matters - External Copy 01

Film Architecture was a vital component in the delivery of this project. With such a complex concept to deliver into a film we pored over the Everyone Matters literature with the programmes leads, taking cues about what was important and what could be visually powerful. We began constructing a call and response narrative, along with references for style and tone, when the script joined with the music we knew we had something engaging and delicate on our hands.

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With Film Architecture signed off we delved straight into the hands on graft of filmmaking. We had a short turnaround so were straight out in various locations around Teesside with the Police and members of the community. We wanted to avoid cliched shots and to show that the Police is a 24/7 operation, so shooting at night added a different slant to the aesthetic of this film.

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With two very different versions to create in order to spread the Everyone Matters message internally and externally we divided the edits between the team. This enabled us to keep clarity on each films individual message as we headed towards the first viewings with an excited client. The first drafts were incredibly well received due to the level of detail we extracted during Film Architecture. The final touches were added to the feel of the film, along with subtitles to improve the accessibility of the films.

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The external film debuted on Facebook, with over eight thousand views in the first few hours and some great engagement and shares. We were delighted to have delivered two great pieces of content to a happy client.

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