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"Can you make the greatest stairlift film in under a week?"

We all know what Stairlift films look like, the auld gent or lady smiling as they glide up the stairs, maybe with a cup of tea in hand or a Grandchild waiting for them. We were asked by Access BDD to do the complete opposite for their innovative Flow2 product, taking inspiration from iPhone adverts we were tasked with creating something very unique in the tiniest of timeframes.

We got straight down to business, with time pressing our Senior Filmmaker Mike pulled out the stops, blacking the shoot location out, adding a smattering of light and giving the product a coloured yet noir feel as it was shot. We played on the angles and movements of the Flow2, making use of the way it has curves and getting into the mechanics of the lift.AccessBDD 2

Taking this film into a different world completely was the choice of soundtrack, pulsating and dictating the flow of the film while giving a great heartbeat for the graphics. The darkened shoot space really allowed an interesting grade, playing on an almost-but-not-quite black and white look to the product shots which constantly contrasted with the Access BDD brand colours. Adding features and benefits around the imagery allowed us to punctuate the film and get across the messaging for this product.AccessBDD 3

We loved the end result and Access BDD took the film to exhibitions and their partners, the Flow2 film is the start of a subsequent series around their product range. AccessBDD 1

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